first and last lines of sherlock holmes (insp.)


"Sherlock bouncing on John’s dick" is such a cute thing to say, don’t you think, I mean I know it’s nsfw and everything but it’s such a cute way of putting it 



in my comix class last semester one of the prompts we received was to write a comic where you interviewed yourself and all i could think about was talking to my dead ghost about a bunch of trivial useless shit that i was destined to face in my future. the student gov at my school was nice enough to give me a grant to print it so hopefully by the end of this month i should have a couple velum printed books and i’m pretty stoked

Title: "Traditional Irish Folk Songs" Medley by Bernard Black
Artist: Dylan Moran
Album: Black Books Outtakes
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I live alone in a tree,
I live alone in a tree,
I live alone in a tree,
and nobody loves me.

“I don’t do drugs. If I want a rush I just stand up when I’m not expecting it.”
— Dylan Moran

Welcome to Night Vale | 21. A Memory of Europe
Welcome to Night Vale | 21. A Memory of Europe
"It’s a reaction against the perfectness of things like Friends, I have a very low tolerance for enthusiasm generally. Television should reflect how we live. I get depressed by how good-looking everyone is on television. You never get the sense that they smell or are at all crusty. We wanted to avoid the airbrushed slickness of most things. I want viewers to feel that these characters find clumps of pubic hair in the most unexpected places around the house."